After School Program


Supplemental Programs
The John Bidwell ASES program provides students with support services to help academic development.

STAR Readers:  In a partnership with United Way, the STAR Readers program is a literacy program aimed at helping 1st-3rd graders reach grade level reading proficiency.

180 Degrees:  The 180 Degrees is a social emotional learning program geared toward teaching students grades 3rd-6th  social emotional awareness. Students participate in service learning projects, field trips and other activities that promote self-awareness, self-development, and social responsibility.



Teresa Hernandez
Program Manager

I have worked for the afterschool program for the past 4 years. Some of my hobbies include trying out new foods with friends, shopping, and sleeping.


Jasmine Lee
First Grade Team Leader

Hello parents, I am the 1st grade ASES teacher this year.  Some of my hobbies include sleeping, eating, and listening to music.


Monique Hernandez
Fourth Grade Team Leader

Hello parents and students. I will be working with the 4th graders in the after school program this year. Some of my personal interests are playing sports, especially soccer, and being informed about the country’s politics and policies.



The Annual After School STEAM Expo is this upcoming March 30th! Come support our Bidwell students as they compete with other schools across Sacramento!!

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Sixth Grade puts the LEAD in Leadership!

Adrian Perez

The students in the sixth grade afterschool program have become the offcial leaders of the program and the school. Students have assumed many leadership roles such as planning and executing events, managing social media accounts for the school, and being leaders for other students.

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CUB DAYS are Back!

What are CUB DAYS? Cub days are clubs offered by the after school program. The purpose is for all students to be able to learn a new set of skills through the club or enhance the skills they already have. Students sign up for the club of their choice and every Thursday they report to that club. Clubs are from 4:30 - 5:30.

Students will sign up for new clubs in January and will begin attending the new club in February.

What Clubs does the after school program offer?

Cooking, located in the cafeteria.

Art, located in room 8.



ASES, our afterschool provider  is run by Ms. Teresa Hernandez.  Students partake in a variety of activities.  If you are interested in ASES please contact your child’s teacher or